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There are few things to look out for when you are checking authenticity

There are few things to look out for when you are checking authenticity of a louis Vuitton bag. The truth is authenticity check is really not that hard. You just need a sharp pair of eyes and knowledge of the product. I like to take this opportunity to share this knowledge to all who are keen. Following is an article that I spend a while to write so that everyone can better protect themselves from replica sellers.


Always check and study the real bag
Take a look at the bag at a boutique, feel it , touch it, pay attention to the detail. Or just borrowed from your friend to examine. Also check the Louis VUITTON website or any website that features authentic Louis Vuitton bags. The purpose of this is to study the detail.


What do I mean by detail ?


Detail simply means knowing every single parts of the bag. You must know what is supposed to be there and what is not. How does the base look like. How does the hardware looks like. Does it have a d-ring and Where? Does the bag have a date code or a heatstamp? Where should it be? If you are considering buying from ebay or any classified sites. It is important to ask you seller to take pictures and then takes these pictures and compare.


Please also bear in mind that some bags are manufactured in both France and USA and so they are slightly different.


Second thing to take note is to know its Monogram placement.


The placement of LV monogram gives you insight on the authenticity of the Louis Vuitton bag. During the production of the bag, Louis Vuitton is very careful about the way the monogram is placed on each pieces. I always like to think LV bag as the work of Art, the work of perfection. If you do find any imperfection in the workmanship, what LV will do is they will basically refund you the full price.


Coming back to the monogram, the actual LV monogram is usually symmetrical from side to side. If you draw a center line, you will notice that each side is a mirror image of the other side.


Take your old LV bags out, look at how symmetrical they are. Even at the base or at the edge etc.

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