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Aug 8, 2013
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Aug 8, 2013 11:40 AM

Welcome to my midlife crisis. :)

So...I turned 53 this year. I'm overweight, a type-two diabetic (under control), have high blood pressure. I do work out a few times a week at the company gym during my lunch hour, but I pretty much hit a wall this year. I needed a change. So between following a Kansas City sports blogger who talks about his marathon runs (such as Boston this year), and a photo of a woman who along with her friends did her first 5K down at Disney World...I began to wonder if I could run a 5K. When I finally mentioned this to my long-suffering wife--who is a registered nurse and a certified diabetic clinician for CIGNA--I fully expected her to shoot the notion down in flames. To my shock (and horror), she not only enthusiastically approved of the idea, she talked to several of her running co-workers and suggested the C25K program.


So off I went, starting back in June. I'm currently on week 6--I stayed back on a few past stages until I felt like I'd mastered them--and to my amazement I'm finding that I actually enjoy doing it. I'll never win awards for style or speed, but as I remind myself repeatedly during each session, it's about endurance not time. I've got excellent running paths within 5 minutes of my place (how convenient!) and I've taken to early morning runs. And I still can't believe I'm saying things like that.


I've discovered a few things along the way--a good pair of running shoes (my wife made me buy them early on) are worth their weight in gold. Cotton shirts are not your friend in summer. The running accessory industry is doing just fine these days. And holy cow I'm down a belt notch. There's also a truism I picked up that seems to be very true--if you look for them, you can't go five feet without hitting a 5K run. And right now that's a problem, because I'm close enough to the end of the program to think "Maybe..." but I know I'm not quite ready yet. I'm aiming for October.


My wife is thrilled, my college-age daughter rolls her eyes, and I'm really happy I decided to do this. This morning, as I was doing the 10 minute "run", I realized that I felt like I could go on like that for miles. It's a nice feeling to have.

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    Jul 24, 2013
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    1. Aug 8, 2013 5:56 PM (in response to misterterrific)
    Welcome to my midlife crisis. :)

    Good for you brother!  I am also 53 and just started running distance for the first time (was never able to adapt to distance running), so I decided to give the c25k a run for the money, and I am lovin it.  My goal is to enter a 5k in October.  Tonight I finished d2 w3 and felt real strong at the end.  After every workout I add bleacher climbs, and today for the first time I did 2 - 100m runs to finish off the workout.  I weighed 202lbs in May and have since lost approx 17lbs and am fitting into many suits that I had put away for a year or so. Anyway your week 6 - 10 minute run success has me looking forward to getting there!  Good Luck with your training.

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    2. Aug 12, 2013 5:42 AM (in response to misterterrific)
    Welcome to my midlife crisis. :)

    that's fantastic - what a great story and brilliant thing to do!!! 


    I know EXACTLY what you mean about telling someone that you're thinking of doing something that sounds crazy and expecting them to be hesitant and getting met with enthusiasm instead.  I started training for my first half marathon only 8 months after doing Couch to 5k myself, and when I mentioned the idea to my husband I had only run five miles as my longest run... not even CLOSE to 13.1


    I expected a voice of reason.   I got overwhelming excitement.  I am paying for it now with five a.m. ten mile runs!  hahaha


    But it's nice to have someone believe in you, and look at how much you've improved for the better in just six weeks!!!  That's awesome!  And I bet you feel better just in every day stuff, too.  I helped my brother move and was shocked at my increased stamina just doing something that would have exhausted me a year ago.


    yay, running

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    3. Aug 14, 2013 9:33 AM (in response to misterterrific)
    Welcome to my midlife crisis. :)

    What a fabulous story.  Keep it up.   I am 55 and started running a year ago and have been consistent 3 days a week for the past year.  I finished my 20 mile training run for the Chicago Marathon last weekend.  Anything is possible with consistency!  One thing that worked for me was to find a running group that isn't focused on speed but on having a good time.  We run, we party, we enjoy life.  We have runs for all and something is on the schedule almost every day of the week.  Good luck to you. 

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    5. Aug 15, 2013 11:14 AM (in response to misterterrific)
    Welcome to my midlife crisis. :)

    Don't get hung up about nobody noticing... they actually have. We are in this PC world where often folks are afraid to say something that might be taken the wrong way.  Instead, just focus on how you feel.  For a bit of an ego boost, sign up for an event, even if it is a 5K.  I say that because you will find that you will be in the company of runners that are both faster and slower than you, and you will always get a bit of a boost when you finish ahead of other runners.


    My story is none too different - don't quit!


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