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Men’s Health Threats and How to Beat Them

Los Angeles, CA – 09/17/2013— Much ofthe media focuses on women’s health and wellness, but men face many of the samehealth threats in addition to gender unique ones.  From couch potatoes to well-trained athletes, all men shouldbe conscious of the following threats to their health, and be aware of how toprevent them.


Heart disease doesn’t discriminate; it’s theleading cause of death in over 600,000 people each year according to a 2009vital statistics report.  Loweringthe intake of sodium, trans-fats, and processed foods can assist in preventingthe disease, as can increasing daily consumption of leafy green vegetables,healthy oils, and fiber.  A minimumof 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per day helps increase heart function,and to monitor progress, have cholesterol and blood pressure checked every yearbeginning at age 25.


Experts estimate more than one-third of Americanadults are over-weight, with obesity related conditions – such as type 2diabetes and certain cancers – leading the charge of diseases contributing topreventable death.  As mentionedabove, combating this threat involves monitoring nutrition, increasingactivity, and consuming more water to stay hydrated and stave off hunger.


The second most common cause of cancer death in menis prostate cancer, with the American Cancer Society estimating in 2013,239,000 men will be diagnosed in the U.S., and approximately 30,000 will die ofthe disease.  While certainnutritional steps can be taken to help prevent the cancer, the best method isearly detection.  Visiting thedoctor to discuss your risk of the disease and receive screening if necessarycan aid in early detection, which leads to early treatment and can help youdefeat the disease.


Nutritional health and wellness can stave off minorhealth setbacks that could eventually lead to major health issues.  The adage is an ounce of prevention isworth a pound of cure, and steps to prevent illnesses cannot only save yourlife, but will save you thousands of dollars in treatmentlater on.  Take the money you’llsave and invest in a gym membership or fitness class, your body and mindwill thank you with a longer more fulfilling life.


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