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Everyday Activities as Beneficial as Gym Time?

Those who areshort on time are often pressed to make it to the gym.  Though the trip may not be necessary; arecent study showed that short stretches of physical activity can be just asbeneficial as an hour on the treadmill.

Researcher PaulLoprinzi of Organ State University explained their results “suggest thatengaging in an active lifestyle approach, compared to a structured exerciseapproach, may be just as beneficial in improving various health outcomes.”  The study showed those seeking to be moreactive should take any opportunity available to do so: stand upwhile talking on the phone, forgo sending the email to anoffice associate and take a trip to see them. “We encourage people to seek out opportunities to be active when thechoice is available.”

Research alsofound that 43 percent of adults who engaged in short spurts of physicalactivity met the 30 minutes per day recommendation for physical activity.  This was compared with the suggested 10percent of the population who engage in longer sessions.

“This is a morenatural way to exercise,” noted study co-author Brad Cardinal, also of OregonState.  “We are designed by nature asbeings who are supposed to move.”

When people aregiven a deadline or a measurement of accomplishment, then fail to meet that,they may give up on the task all together.  When it comes to exercise, the study’sresults challenge that perception that all physical activity must be lumpedtogether in one session. For those struggling to engage in any activity,knowing that their general daily activity counts provides a more realistictask to accomplish.

This provideshope to those who struggle to find time outside of work or life toexercise.  By getting up and moving theirfeet, even if only for 5 to 10 minutes at a time, they’re moving toward betteroverall health.

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