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Restarting a Fitness Regimen

Taking abreak from an exercise regimen is essential for overall health and performance,but getting back in the habit can be a challenge.  Whether coming back after injury or just aweeklong vacation, there are general steps one should take to ease back into afitness routine.


While itmay be tempting to jump right back into running five miles right away, thiscould set a person up for re-injury or exhaustion after a period of rest.  Start of slowly, beginning with a onemile jog or walk to avoid doing too much too soon.  Overworking the body too quickly can resultin sore muscles the next day, making a person put off return for another day ortwo and perhaps sabotaging their plans all together.


Anothermistake many make is not fueling the body properly for the workout.  While taking a break, the body consumes lessfood and processes it differently than when one is active.  Prepare for activity by choosing healthysnacks and post-workout meals that will assist in increasing performance as oneworks back to their previous fitness level.


Sometimesreturning to the same old routine can be met with boredom or lack ofmotivation.  If this is the case,reevaluate the routine or try a new class to engage both the mind andbody.  Change the time of the workout, orlocation, to add some variety to combat the boredom.


While itis necessary to take it slow, the opposite is not doing enough for your fitnesslevel.  Give the body two weeks to adaptback into the routine, then increase intensity or duration little by littleuntil the original performance level is met.


What’smost important is to keep at it.  Everyathlete or exerciser deserves a break, but once recovered, the body alsodeserves the reward of getting back into the healthy lifestyle one had beforevacation.


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