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Tips and Suggestions for Gaining Muscle

Many whowork out do so to decrease body weight and body fat, while others work out toincrease body weight through muscle mass. While each group requires a different approach, muscle mass is essentialfor body function and overall health; any person looking to get fit should makebuilding muscle part of their fitness goals.

Currentrecommendations from the American College of Sports Medicine include twostrength-building workouts per week. This is because muscular development contributes to not only strength,but to increased stamina, metabolism, stronger bones, and helps to decrease therisk of injury.

Gainingmuscle mass involves two components: proper nutrition, and resistance exercisesto increase muscle strength.  A dietshould not only include adequate protein intake, but balance that with complexcarbohydrates, calcium and, if needed, supplements for weight gain.  Fitness experts recommend determining howmany calories a person burns each day through general activities and regularworkouts, then supplement this by adding 250-500 calories depending on activitylevel.

If thethought of consuming additional calories is daunting, try breaking large mealsinto 4-5 smaller ones.  Extra protein cancome from milk, fish, yogurt, and various nuts. Many of these can be eaten as a pre-workout snack or post-workout fuelif the next meal is a few hours off.

Forworkouts, ensure that reps and exercises vary during each trainingsession.  Higher reps with lower weightswill tone, but not increase mass.  Slowerreps with a higher weight will increase strength, thus increasing mass.  Make sure not to over- or under-isolatemuscle groups.  Aim for a full bodytraining session that includes an emphasis on upper body one day, with smootherexercises for the lower body, and reverse the focus during the next session.

Expertssuggest gaining approximately 1-2 pounds of muscle per week, and sticking witha plan for at least 3-4 weeks before changing. Give the body time to adjust, and soon the muscles will start to grow,and the body will be stronger for it.

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