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Body Fat Truth and Superstition

Americans spend a lot time thinking about body fat: ways to lose it,methods of toning, how it impacts their health… But for all this time spentanalyzing it, there are still several myths regarding body fat that makedealing with it very frustrating.


Once a person starts exercising, they can be afraid to take a break forfear that the muscle they’ve developed will suddenly turn into body fat.  Others fear this happening as they ageand their metabolism slows. Fortunately, “there’s no scientific process in our body that turnsmuscle into fat,” Dr. J Shah of Amari Medical in Scarsdale, NY reassures.  While aging does come with a decline inmuscle mass, this doesn’t mean it automatically becomes fat.  Exercise and muscle development are necessaryfor bone, heart, and lung health just as it is for keeping weight and body fatlevels at a minimum.


The hope of some is that when they start exercising, their legs or hipswill be the first place to tone up. Unfortunately, there is no way to target where the body loses fat.  Spot training will benefit the muscles, butthe exercises themselves do not change the amount of body fat surrounding thearea.  The only way to lose fat overallis a combination of both diet and adequate physical activity.


Many also believe the lower body fatpercentage a person has, the healthier they are overall.  While true that an excess of body fat can putone’s health at risk, the body does require some to function.  Body fat provides padding around vitalorgans, and helps in protecting the body from both heat and cold.  Healthy levels for men hover right around 15%while women can have 22% body fat and be in a healthy range.


Reduction in body fat has benefits for the overall health of a person,but the ideal of “no body fat” is unachievable and unhealthy.  The goal should be set to reduce fat torecommended levels, and maintain this through proper diet and exercise – bothessential parts of any healthy lifestyle.


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