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Benefits and Truth about Superfoods

“Superfood” is thecurrent buzzword used by many nutrition or wellness professionals to describecertain foods rumored to offer “super” health or nutritional benefits.  While the term cannot be used on foodpackaging, many foods are referred to as “super” by health professionals andthe media, stirring up the public’s curiosity regarding their benefits andhealth value.


Superfoods generallyinclude those with high antioxidant content or those rich in omega-3 fattyacids.  Often times lists of super foodswill include new or unusual fruits and vegetables, such as Goji or Acai berriesthat come not only with benefits but with a sticker price to match theirrarity.


There are nodefinitive answers to prove the benefit of any specific superfood.  Various studies have shown there are benefitsto consuming antioxidants, but conflicting information states too much of thenutrient can be harmful.  Many times thebenefits of a superfood only manifests when consumed in vast quantities.  An example of this is garlic, which is saidto reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, but in laboratory studiesparticipants had to consume the equivalent of 28 cloves of garlic per day toget the benefit.  This is simply notfeasible.


While discussion ofsuperfoods by nutritionists and the media can open the public’s eyes todifferent fruits and vegetables out there, what it should drive home is theimportance of a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates andprotein.  Consuming vast quantities ofsuperfoods may provide a person with the one benefit it claims to offer, butcould cause other problems by interrupting the natural balance the bodycraves.  The best key to a healthy lifeis a variety of fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods that provide onewith a balanced diet.


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