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Become an Exercise Addict

Some people have no trouble finding time to exercise.  They adapt their work and life schedules torevolve around workouts, and return from daily jogs with a smile on their face. While these people may seem the minority, the good news is every personhas the potential to become addicted to exercising.  Below are suggestions from Connecticut basedtrainer Tom Holland on how to make exercise part of an everyday routine.

One of the biggest factors in keeping with an exerciseprogram is to find something a person enjoys doing.  Whether it be cycling, dancing, or a programsuch as CrossFit, finding an exercise niche increases the odds of a personsticking with the routine long enough that it becomes part of their lifestyle.

Once that niche has been found, experts recommend keepingwith the program for six weeks in order for it to become a habit.  Once a person begins seeing changes in theirbody, or feels changes in mood and general wellness, returning to how they feltprior to the change in habit will be unappealing.  Even after as little as four weeks, if aperson misses a workout they begin feeling the effects and will go back toseeking that natural endorphin high.

To find motivation, Holland suggests finding a workoutpartner such as a trainer or joining a club or other support group.  “I think that’s why groups like CrossFit andWeight Watchers are so successful,” he explained.  “It shows the value of the support system,which should be an integral part of any workout plan.”  If one already works out with a group,Holland suggests to adding contest to the mix. “A little healthy competition always gets you motivated!”

While convenience and timing are also part of the equation,Holland advises to make sure whatever exercise a person engages in is enjoyableenough that it will automatically become part of their daily rituals.  Habits are developed through ritualisticrepetition; and once a healthy exercise routine is started, other wellnesschanges are certain to follow.


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