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Importance of Strength Training for Women

Women are notorious “cardio queens,” with strength training activitiesstill seen as a “man’s exercise.”  Thiscould not be further from the truth. Strength training exercises are something every person should add totheir workout regimen, and particularly women who are aiming to improve theiroverall wellness and heath.


Several studies have cited the impact strength training can have on awoman’s overall health.  The Journal ofStrength and Conditioning Research discovered that women who did an hour ofstrength training exercises burned around 100 more calories the following daythan they did after a cardio only session. The National Center for Health Statistics found that engaging in aweight training workout twice weekly can reduce a woman’s overall body fatpercentage by up to 3 percent in as little as 10 weeks.  Reducing body fat results not only in a lowernumber on the scale, but trims inches from the body, allowing a woman to fitinto those smaller jeans hiding in the back of their closet.


Aside from aesthetic fitness benefits, strength training has been provento decrease the risk of injury during other activities by increasing balanceand coordination as well as muscle strength. For women in particular, strength training can help reduce the risk ofdeveloping osteoporosis.  Routine liftingslows deterioration of the bones, and can increase bone density, both thingsthat will stave off the development of osteoporosis.


For women who feel awkward approaching the weight section of the gym,there are numerous ways to adapt strength training exercises into aworkout.  Yoga and Pilates, for example,use body weight as resistance, which will increase muscular strength, and manyfitness centers now offer beginner weight lifting classes.  Several group fitness classes now provide afull-body strength training workout and are being added to the programming ofmany gyms.


While cardio is essential to a healthy lifestyle, strength training willenhance the benefits of a cardio routine, and provide other wellness changesfor men and women who engage in the exercises.


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