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Suggestions for Relief of Sore Muscles

To make muscles fitter, one must damage them somewhat during workouts,resulting in the muscle fibers working to repair themselves and becomestronger.  Muscles are designed to adaptto stress by becoming stronger and more efficient.  Any exercise enthusiast willconfess that sore muscles are an inevitable part of working out andbecoming healthier.  During these periodsof muscle soreness, here are some suggestions to relieve the aches and painsbriefly to get a person back into their regular workout routine.


The most common method to reduce muscle soreness is using painkillerssuch as ibuprofen.  But recent researchshows these drugs have little relief on exercise related pain and may actuallyinhibit muscle repair.  Instead ofreaching for the ibuprofen, a person should try reaching for their toes andengaging in some slow stretching exercises to increase oxygen and blood flow tothe muscles to aid in repair.  A gentlesports massage can also increase blood flow to muscle groups and has been shownto aid in easing soreness.


Another suggestion is to increase post-workout nutrition to assist inrepair.  Make sure the meal includes leanprotein resources such as fish, poultry or nuts.  A protein shake with a banana is anotheroption if time for a full meal doesn’t exist.


Another effective measure experts suggest is rolling the affectedmuscles over a foam roller.  Much likekneading bread dough, the roller stretches and massages the muscles much like amasseuse would, but the person can control how much pressure and how long themuscle is kneaded for.  A small studyshowed that 20 minutes on a roller allowed a person relief from pain in aslittle as 24 hours.


In general, the best suggestion is to ensure adequate rest betweenworkouts, and on light days still engage in some type of low impact cardioactivity.  A short walk will assist ineasing both muscle soreness, and relaxation to distract from the pain as aperson moves towards better health.


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