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Yoga shown to be Beneficial for ADHD Sufferers

Los Angeles, CA – 10/04/2013—


A recent review of over 100 different studies has shown that regularexercise, including yoga, can ease the symptoms of major psychiatric disorderssuch as ADHD.


Numerous children and even adults are diagnosed with Attention DeficitHyperactive Disorder (ADHD) each year, with the majority of treatmentsinvolving various drugs and psychotherapy sessions.  While effective, some medications used totreat the condition can be abused or lead to additional health complications.


The review of the collective group of studies, done by Duke UniversityMedical Centre, looked at the effects of yoga on various psychiatricconditions, eating disorders, and other cognitive function problems.  The results showed that a yoga practice maynot only relieve the symptoms of the disorder, but may also prevent otherstress-related illnesses.  Yoga not onlyrequires physical strength and stamina, but encourages practitioners to usemental energy and focus to hold the poses and control breathing.  The engagement of the brain along withslowing and controlling the breath can improve inattentiveness and impulsivityin children and adults the review reported.


Physical activity boosts the brains dopamine, norepinephrine, andserotonin levels, all hormones that increase mental alertness and focus.  This shows that any physical activity isbeneficial for sufferers of the disorder, but yoga in particular requires participantsto slow down and focus on relaxation. This practice can be used by a person later when their anxiety is high,or they are struggling with an ability to focus.


Regular physical activity also assists in ensuring better rest, which isalso important in treating ADHD.  Yoga inparticular teaches relaxation techniques that can help calm the mind, allowinga person to fall into a deeper, more restful sleep, and awake feeling morerefreshed the following morning.


If struggling with ADHD symptoms, patients should discuss variousoptions with their doctor, including medicinal treatment and how the exercisecan benefit their condition.


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