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Health Reasons to Reduce Stress Levels

Los Angeles, CA – 10/07/2013—


Stressful situations are an unavoidable part of everyday living.  Chronic stress can manifest physical maladiessuch as headaches, muscle pain and tension, fatigue, or upset stomach, but overtime also contribute to the development of heart disease, obesity, high bloodpressure and diabetes.  For this reason,reducing stress levels are necessary for an improvement in overall wellness.


One suggestion for reducing stress is to try meditating, or focusing themind on something other than the stress trigger.  “Research suggests that daily meditation maylater the brain’s neural pathways,” says Chicago psychologist Robbie MallerHartman.  This refocusing can help aperson feel more resilient to stress, and enable them to relax during periodsof high anxiety.  Meditation can be donealone, or can be found as part of yoga and Tai-Chi classes, whichleads to the next suggestion for stress reduction.


Physical activity, in addition to staving off the other healthissues that arise from chronic stress, can help reduce stress levels andimprove happiness in those who exercise regularly.  Several studies have shown improvements insleep quality, an increase in levels of alertness and enhancements inconcentration, all things that can help reduce levels of stress.


Psychologists and therapists alike recommend reaching out into aperson’s social circle for help in managing stress levels as well.  Numerous support groups are available if aperson feels uncomfortable talking to friends or family, but socialization hasbeen shown to reduce levels of stress in greater amounts than trying to dealwith issues alone.


While not a preventative measure, reducing stress levels will have apositive effect on a person’s health.  Ifalready suffering from heart disease or high blood pressure, lowering chronicstress will aid in the treatment of these conditions, and improve overallphysical and mental well-being throughout the person’s life.  The above suggested steps to reduce stresslevels are excellent health practices for anyone, whether they’re chronicallystressed for fantastically free.


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