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Workout Adaptations for Cooler Weather

Those in the Northern Hemisphere are heading into another seasonalchange, and as the chill of winter creeps into the air, our muscles become alittle stiffer and harder to warm up.  Tokeep up a fitness routine, try these suggestions to adapt workouts for coolerweather.


In cooler temperatures, a proper warm-up is essential for fitness.  Improperly warmed muscles will be pulledeasier or damaged leading to injury, and the lungs function better when thebody is properly warmed as well.  Expertsrecommend doubling the length of a warm-up during the cooler seasons.


Strength training is an important part of overall fitness but is evenmore important in cooler weather. Stronger muscles are more able to deal with and recover from daily achesand pain, which are more common as the seasons change.  Incorporating a strengthening and stretchingcombo into a workout assists in building up muscle and elongating the fibers toease pain and aid in movement.


One of the best things a person can do in a fitness routine in eithercold or warmer temperatures is to keep their chin up.  Research has proven those who are positiveabout their workouts and health changes are less likely to get injured, and morelikely to recover quicker from injury or illness.  Whether this is because they look at the gamewith more optimism, or because they tend to be less stressed out, the higherthe chin the more likely one is to keep up with their routine despite the changesin weather.


Overall, prioritizing and prevention are keys keeping fit in coolertemperatures.  Prioritizing the warm-upwill help prevent injuries and ease aches, and prevention will keep a personmoving during colder periods and all throughout the year.





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