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How to Drink More Water

The human body consists of over 60% water,making it one of the most essential ingredients for overall human health.  While we’re consciously aware thatdehydration can be life threatening and that we should be consuming liquids(especially water) throughout the day, this can be hard to accomplish.  There are some suggestions one can followthat will assist a person in developing the habit of daily water consumption toimprove their overall health.


Comparison studies show that those whoconsume an average of 8-10 8oz glasses of water each day feel more alert, lesshungry, and have more energy than those who don’t.  While the body can stay hydrated throughconsumption of other beverages, such as juices, teas, or milk, water is best asthe sugar inside these drinks can dehydrate instead of providinghydration.


For those who avoid water because of taste,try adding lemon or mixing other fruit with it, such as raspberries orstrawberries.  This adds a bit of flavorto satisfy particular palates.  Expertsalso say to experiment with the temperature of the water a person drinks.  Some like their water ice cold; others preferit straight out of the tap.  Once apreference is known, the person can make sure to have ice or refrigerated wateron hand at all times.


Having water on hand, in say bottles, alsohelps a person consume more.  Thegrab-and-go convenience of not having to dirty a glass or needingto fill one with ice can make drinking more appealing, as canadding a straw.  Many water drinkersstate how the addition of a straw to either a bottle or a glass of water canmake a person consume twice as much as they would without.


The important thing is consumption of thebeverage, not so much the temperature or the vessel it is consumed from.  If looking to increase consumption of waterfor health, the above steps should help a person get started on that path,leading to increased energy, focus, and overall well-being.


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