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Evening Preparation for Morning Workouts

Numerous studies offer evidence that those who exercise in the morningare more likely to stick with a fitness routine, and find that they are morepositive and productive with other daily activities as well.   But developing this habit takes time andplanning, which can be an additional struggle some find too much to takeon.  But if shifting a daily routine toinclude morning exercise sounds appealing, below are some suggestions toprepare for this habitual shift in daily life.


A proper mindset is essential for developing any type of new habit, anda person striving to arise earlier in the morning to accomplish their workoutshould not focus on the time they could be sleeping, but rather focus on thepositive change that they are making for themselves.  Time spent being active is good for mentaland physical health.  This is a positivechange which will have long term benefits. It’s worth going to bed earlier to arise earlier and take this importantstep towards overall change.


Once this mindset is established, start to change other parts of theroutine to aid in adapting to a new awakening hour.  Wind down earlier in the evening by avoidingelectronic stimulation, and prepare for the following morning by setting outboth work and exercise clothes to make the dressing process easier.  Prepare a quick snack to fuel a workout andset it in the fridge, or if it’s non-perishable, by the bedside for easyaccess.


One should also focus on keeping realistic goals and expectations.  It will be challenging for a few weeks.  The body will be sore, and the mind tired as oneadjusts to the physical change.  Ratherthan focusing on those feelings, focus on how much is being accomplished duringthe same amount of daytime.  Soon enough,the body will adjust to both the time change and the physical activity, and aperson will begin seeing overall health benefits that will make this shift inroutine well-worth the effort.






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