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Protein Discovered Linking Exercise to Brain Health

Scientists from Harvard Medical School recently published a reportlinking a specific protein development of nerve cells required for learning andmemory.  What’s more, this protein is naturallyproduced by the body during exercise, confirming a direct correlation betweenphysical activity and a boost in mental and cognitive function.


The specific protein is produced by the body during muscular exertion,and released into the bloodstream throughout the exercise session and for a fewhours afterward.  This increasedproduction happens in just a matter of days or a few weeks after a person hasbegun engaging in physical activity, therefore one need not exercise for a longperiod of time before experiencing the cognitive benefits. 


Researchers performed a study using an MRI machine to measure the amountof brain tissue in adults who exercised versus those who did not.  They found substantial declines in braintissue density in the areas responsible for thinking and planning, but theselosses were greatly reduced in those who exercised, and even improved in thosewho began engaging in exercise during the course of the study.


But exactly how much exercise does one need to experience the cognitivebenefits associated with activity?  TheAmerican College of Sports Medicine, in coordination with the American HeartAssociation, published guidelines recommending a daily minimum of at least 30minutes, five days each week, of moderate-intense physical activity.  Also recommended by the study were resistanceexercises to increase strength and muscle tone to support the body and aid inresponse time – further proving the link between planning capabilities andphysical fitness.


While 30 minutes of activity five days per week can seem a daunting taskto those engaging in a new fitness program, the activity sessions can be brokendown into smaller increments to make the activity more manageable.  Work up the full 30-minute session overtime,but as long as the recommended amount of activity is reached, a person willstart to see the cognitive benefits in as little as a few weeks after beginningthe program. 


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