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Activity Shown to Improve Academic Performance in Students

Academic performance is key to success later inlife, and a recent study done in the U.K. has revealed that moderate tovigorous daily activity could contribute to the performance of students who areactive in sporting or physical education programs versus those who are not.


During the course of the study, the more active astudent was, the better their scores on science, math, and English tests.  There are a number of suggestions or why thislink may exist: physical activity allows a student to burn off excess energy,allowing them to better focus during classroom tasks, or the increase inself-esteem that comes with getting regular activity can also attribute to betterfocus. 


There could also be a biological connection, withmore and more research revealing that physical inactivity adversely affectsbrain structure and function.  Instudents who are still developing cognitively, the need to encourage as muchstructural and functional development of the brain is of utmostimportance. 


Another important link between physical activityand improved academic performance could be the confidence that develops duringplay and other activities.  The earlierthis starts in a child’s lifetime, the better. Engaging in physical activity with other peers encourages socialinteraction as well as problem solving and self-control skills, all essentialqualities to allow a person to function in adult society.  The more a student is encouraged to developthese traits as well as their academic skills, the more confident they becomein their interactions and in their academic or physical performancecapabilities.


With many schools across America placing less andless emphasis on play time and physical activity, the results of this studyshow that this could be detrimental to student development.  Parents can not only become involved toencourage activity within the school day, but can be aware of their child’sneeds and ensure they get proper activity either before or after school toimprove social, cognitive, and physical performance. 



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