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Treat Abdominal Obesity with Exercise and Nutrition

Research has shown that excess abdominal fat is not only a frustrationwhen trying to improve one’s appearance, but it can also put a person atincreased risk of developing a variety of health conditions.  Because of this, there are certainnutritional guidelines and exercise suggestions a person can follow to reducefat in the abdomen and lower their risk of various diseases.


Recent research done by physicians at the Montreal Heart Institute andreleased by the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress has suggested that nutritionalcounseling for patients and following the Mediterranean diet can improve hearthealth in those who do struggle with abdominal obesity.  The study authors noted that otherinterventions do have a positive impact, but the longest study done hasinvolved monitoring patients following the Mediterranean diet. 


The exercise programs focused on high-intensity interval trainings forparticipants involved in the study. Overall, participants experienced an eight-centimeter reduction inweight circumference, a reduction in blood pressure and an aerobic fitnessimprovement of over 15 percent in the first nine months of the study.  Blood sugar levels were also improved inpatients with diabetes.


Participants engaged in high-intensity interval training programs two tothree times per week, combining this activity with the Mediterranean diet guidelinesof consuming vegetables, grains, fish and plenty of olive oil.  Study authors also noted that the longer aperson followed the program, the more their overall health improved. 


The importance of proper nutrition and other healthy lifestyle behaviorscannot be understated.  Reports releasedby the Heart and Stroke Foundation in early 2013 suggested that a sedentarylifestyle can result in a reduction of life expectancy by up to four years,poor diet could take three years off a person’s life.  It’s never too late to get started, and anutritional counselor can advise the best diet plan to suit a person’sparticular palate and nutritional needs.





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