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High-Protein Diets Inhibit Muscle Loss While Dieting

It has been shown thata diet high in protein can inhibit muscle loss during calorie reduction, andmore research has shown that an enzyme in protein slows down the systemresponsible for degrading skeletal tissue and muscle.


“Reductions in musclemass are often an unintended consequence of weight loss, and can have negativehealth consequences,” advised Stefan M Pasiakos, author of the study from the MilitiaryNutritinon Division.  He and the otherothers hopes that the findings in this study will help to developmentnutritional interventions aimed at preserving muscle mass while losing weight. 


Muscle mass isimportant to the body for several reasons, strength being one of the mainones.  But a body filled with lean musclemass has less room for fat, meaning one is healthier overall and has increasedstaimina for physical or daily activities. The toned appearance of muscle is a desireable effect, but toned musclesalso provide strength to the bones and can assist us as we age by keeping thebody balanced and preventing injuries from falls or strain during variousactivities.


“A lot of diets andfitness programs focus on losing weight without regard to the type of weightyou are losing,” said Geraild Weissmann who helped with the research.  To prevent this, he suggests that all dietsshould include an adequate amount of protein to prevent muscle loss and providethe body systems with more support to shed fat instead of other tissues duringweight reduction. 


Dieting involvescutting calories to reduce body mass, and increasing physical activity.  An increase in activity automaticallyrequires an increase in nutritional components that don’t necessarily have tobe highly caloric.  Watching nutritionand ensuing adequate protein intake, whether through a diet tracker or the helpof a wellness coach or personal trainer, can not only help a person lose weightand keep it off, but will help their body remain strong, active, and healthierfor years to come. 



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