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Fitness Myths and Realities

There is no shortageof fitness myths, and many trainers are surprised how many are constantlyperpetuated and believed by their clients. To dispel fact from fiction, below are a few fitness assumptions andmyths that many believe to be true but are really holding them back.


Weight Loss can Only Come from a Gym Membership – While daily workouts at a gym canbe important, it’s estimated that 80 percent of fitness success actuallyhappens at home rather than the gym.  Ifa person spends one hour a day exercising, but the remaining 23 hours loungingor over-indulging, that work is wasted. Weight loss is a whole lifestyle approach, which must include regularactivity during non-gym hours, proper nutrition, adequate sleep and hydrationto make it a successful endeavor.


Cardio is the Best Way to Lose Weight – while cardio is essential forcalorie burn and heart health, the body cannot build muscle unless a form ofstrength or resistance training is added to a workout regimen.  Muscle burns more calories and takes up lessspace than fat, which means a combination of strength training andcardiovascular activity are going to maximize the results of a total workoutand how the body loses weight.


All Fitness Programs are the Same – What works for one person may notwork for another as every body is different. Just as some need more carbs to function and others need more protein,one may have massive success in losing weight with just running and another maylose interest when the success doesn’t happen for them.  Finding a program that a person can staycommitted to and enjoy is more important than staying with trends or tryingwhat is “guaranteed to work for everyone.”


These are just a few,but starting by dispelling these hopefully some of the other myths out therewill become legends and the populous as a whole can move forward together tomore advanced fitness education and healthier lifestyles. 


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