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Resolutions and Goals that Shouldn’t be Made

A change in seasons oryear often brings about the urge to set new goals, or make resolutions toimprove health and fitness.  Goal settingis important for motivation, and can give a person a specific target to worktoward, but there are goals or resolutions that can be detrimental to healthefforts due to their generality, or unattainability.


Many start with anumber for a goal.  “I want to lose 20pounds.”  This is a noble aim, butwithout a time or progress indicator many can lose motivation when the goalisn’t reached in a short amount of time. A more reasonable goal would be to lose a pound to a pound and a halfper week until the goal is reached.  Or, settingsmaller goals within the main one: aim to work out for 30 minutes per day, orchoose skim milk over whole.  These aremore attainable and progress can be seen on a daily basis.


Along with the goalabove, many aim to try a specific type of diet without researching itfirst.  Instead of trying a specificdiet, aim to improve nutrition by incorporating more fruits and vegetables intodaily meals.  This is often easier, andif one finds they enjoy this type of eating style then a diet can be tried.


Other unattainablegoals include refusing to eat out at restaurants, or cutting calories down todangerous levels in order to lose weight. Both of these are impossible to maintain.  Cutting calories too much can deprive thebody of nutrition leading to lethargy and other health problems, and refusingto eat out at restaurants can limit social interaction and set a person up forfailure before they begin.  Instead, aimto eat smarter when dining out – avoid the bread basket or start with a saladto get vegetables in and leave less room for the main course.  For calorie consumption, consult with anutritionist or physician to determine appropriate calorie consumption for aperson’s body type.


They key to any goalis taking measurable steps to reach it. You have to climb the ladder to reach the top, and each rung is anaccomplishment.  Keep this in mind whensetting any health goals or making resolutions for the New Year and soonsuccess will be in hand. 


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