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Clues of Nutritional Deficiencies in Diet

When somethingchanges, or something is not right in the body, it attempts to send signals tothe person that something is not right. Many times these signals are so subtle that within the hustle and bustleof daily life they can be easily missed. One of the most common changes that can cause disruptions in the body isnutritional deficiencies or changes in diet. When looking to improve overall health, diet is a key component, andhere are a few signs that a person’s diet is causing havoc somewhere withintheir body.


One of the moreobvious signs is sudden or constant fatigue. If a person is constantly struggling with low energy, it could be thattheir diet is heavy in simple carbohydrates and low in protein.  Pairing lean protein with recommended complexcarbohydrate amounts helps stabilize blood sugars and provides the body withenergy resources rather than depleting them.


Another notable signis decreased immunity.  If a person findsthey are catching every cold, flu, or small virus that goes around it could betheir diet is not rich enough in nutrients to support the immune system.  Vitamins A, C, E and Zinc all play a role inpromoting immunity, and should be consumed daily or if unable to get adequateamounts from food, taken in a multi-vitamin to help stave off illnesses.


While these signs areobvious, there are more subtle clues that a person’s diet are affecting theiroverall well-being.  Delayed cognitivefunction, digestive problems, and even poor healing of small injuries could allindicate that the body is not getting enough nutrients, protein, carbohydratesand other essential dietary components to support daily functionality. 


Nutrition is the basefor health.  It’s what provides energyfor not only daily living, but daily activity including exercise, or even justmaking sure the laundry is done. Ensuring a diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates andprotein will not only ensure appropriate weight control and energy, but willmake a person healthier and more able to fight off illness and recover frominjuries should they occur. 


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