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Understanding Protein and How it Works in the Body

Los Angeles, CA – 12/23/2013

To recover from a workout, the body requires both carbohydrates andprotein.  While it’s always best toconsume natural sources for both, one of the most popular replenishmenttechniques is a protein shake.  But manyhave a wide range of questions regarding when they should consume protein, andhow beneficial it is to their workout regimen? To fully understand this, one needs to understand the different types ofprotein and how they work within the body.

Protein can be broken down into three different types: isolate,concentrate, and caseinate.  The maindifference between these three is how long it takes the body to digestthem.  After a workout, the body has a30-45 minute window in which it must digest protein to for it to have maximumimpact on muscle development and recovery. Isolate proteins digest the fastest of the three, and therefore are thebest go-to for a post-workout shake. 

Concentrate protein can be found in products that list whey concentrateas their primary source.  These take muchlonger to digest, and are better consumed as a meal addition or replacement tomaximize the way the body processes the protein.  Again, it’s always best to get the proteinfrom a natural source, but if someone is in a rush a meal replacement shake ismuch better than not eating.

Casein proteins are the last in the group as they take the longest todigest, sometimes up to 8 hours.  Theseare derived from dairy products, and make an excellent pre-bedtime meal as theyrelease their proteins into the bloodstream during rest.  Another good time to consume casein proteinis for breakfast to sustain that feeling of fullness longer, and consume fewercalories throughout the day.

All protein shakes have some carbohydrates in them, but they’re mainlyused for rebuilding muscle tissue after weight based workouts.  A person can discuss with a trainer whichtype may be right for them, but protein is an essential component of anyhealthy diet and understanding how it works can help a person make betterchoices overall.

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