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Muscle Facts

The human body is a complex mystery, and scientists are constantlylearning new things about all the systems, muscles, and organs that worktogether to keep us healthy.  We, also,are constantly learning things about our own bodies, and to keep informed abouthow the body works, here are a few things about muscles most people are unawareof.


Despite many assertions of one muscle over another, there are too manyways to measure muscle strength and endurance to give one muscle the title of“the strongest.”  The tongue hasforcefulness yes, but the calf muscle exerts the most force, and the jaw muscleexerts the most pressure, while the gluteus is the largest muscle.  All of them work together to make the bodystrong, no one muscle is king.


In addition to working together to make the body stronger, muscles alsowork to provide body heat.  As musclescontract, they produce the heat that keeps the body 98 degrees normally, andthey’re also what works to warm the body when we shiver.  


Though there is a constant fear of losing muscle mass, it’s actuallymuch harder than we believe.  It takestwice as long to lose new muscle as it does to gain it.  In fact, one study found that those new to physicalactivity gained 47 percent more strength in two months of weight training, butonly lost 23 percent of it after they took a two month break.


But there’s still plenty of reason to maintain daily physical activityto keep up muscle tone, and that is that muscle burns more calories thanfat.  The body’s resting metabolic rateis linked with body composition, and muscle is more metabolically active thanfat.  One pound of muscle at rest burnssix calories, compared to the two calories burned by a pound of fat.


Knowing more about how the body works enables us to properly alter dietand exercise programs to maintain appropriate weight and enhance physicalperformance overall. 


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