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Activity Counters the Effects of Short-Term Overeating

Worried about the effects of a short-term break form a workout program,or a short-term stray from a regular diet? A new study from the Journal of Physiology has determined that a dailybout of physical activitiy can counter the effects of the aforementioned lapsesin control.


Evidence suggests that even a few days of consuming more calories thanthe body burns can have adverse health effects, but information in the newstudy counters that a daily jog, walk, or brief period of exercise bringshealth benefits to the person that are beyond merely burning off excesscalories.


The study included 26 active males who aged from late teens to early30’s and asked them to consume more calories than normal for a week.  Half of the group were asked to keep physicalactivity levels below 4,000 steps to create an energy surplus, while the otherhalf were asked to run for 45 minutes on a treadmill.  The inactive group was asked to consume 50percent more calories than normal, and the active group consumed 75 percent morethan normal so the entire group had the same level of energy surplus.


Researchers measured blood sugar and abdominal fat levels at thebeginning and end of the study.  Andwhile both groups showed a decline in blood sugar control and their fat cellsshowed signs of a disrupted nutritional balance, these changes weresignificantly lower in the group that engaged in activity while overeating.


Researchers concluded that vigorous-intensity exercise helped countermost of the effects of short-term overeating practices, which brings hope forthose struggling with guilt over indulgences during the holiday season.


The benefits of being physically active area always compounding on oneanother, so if one is looking for the best way to start off the New Year healthier,their best practice would be to find an activity they enjoy and start takingpart in it.   


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