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Kettlebells Provide Total Body Conditioning

Walk into a gym or fitness center and somewhere a person will see whatappears to be a cannonball with a handle. What is this device doing in a place people go to become healthier?  Assisting them with cardio performance,strength, and balance, that’s what.  Thekettlebell is a powerful piece of fitness equipment, one that can make the bodystronger, leaner, and healthier with a few simple swings.


Kettlebells were first used by Russian strongmen as early as the 1700’s,but have recently been adapted by all cultures as a way to increase strengthand improve athletic performance.  Thefirst kettlebells were filled with sand, water, or steel shot but are now typicallymade out of cast iron.  A kettlebellworkout consists of movements that involve swinging, lifting, and heaving theballs to work various groups of muscles all throughout the body.


Results of the workouts have surprised fitness critics and researchersalike.  During controlled studies,researchers have noted significant improvements in aerobic capabilities, leg,grip and core strength, and dynamic balance. The highest area of increased strength was centered in the core, but theworkout is a total body conditioning program that can benefit every participantin the room.


If looking to try a new fitness program, experts recommend kettlebellfor all fitness levels despite concerns that the explosive movements canaggravate weak or injured joints.  For thisreason, experts recommend taking a class or receiving instruction from acertified kettlebell instructor.  Once aperson understands how to perform the exercises properly, they can begin aprogram on their own or keep going with a group class.


Kettlebells increase core control and muscle stamina across the wholebody, and if a person is looking to improve both strength and cardiorespiratoryhealth in the New Year this is definitely a program to try. 


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