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Jan 10, 2014 7:19 PM

Advice on running in inclimate weather...

I am training for my first marathon in mid March and I cannot afford to miss any training days.  Last week I ran 10 miles in the snow.  Tomorrow I am supposted to run 12 miles and the weather is calling for 50 degrees and rain all day.  I can't even comprehend running 12 miles on a treadmill.  Is that even possible?  If it is a light rain I plan to go ahead and run in the rain but if it is a downpour I imagine my cloths will become quite heavy and I might ruin a pair of shoes or injure myself.  How should I proceed to deal with inclimate weather when I cannot afford to miss any workouts?  Should I invest in any equiptment or running gear?  All gortex ect.?

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    1. Jan 10, 2014 9:24 PM (in response to RLBlunt8384)
    Advice on running in inclimate weather...

    Switch your long run to Sunday if you can't do it Saturday.   You may have to move around some of the other runs as well.  You have to be a little flexible with the schedule.  If staying on track means missing one of the shorter, easy runs, so be it.  It won't hurt.  The important runs are the faster-paced work (listed as Tuesday) and the long run.


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    2. Jan 11, 2014 7:01 AM (in response to RLBlunt8384)
    Advice on running in inclimate weather...

    I too have a 12+ mile run planned for today; currently it's 33°F and raining, and by the time I got out on the trail it should be up in the 40s and raining harder.  What this means to me is, wear an older pair of shoes so my trail shoes will be dry for tomorrow's 12+ mile run, put plenty of petroleum jelly on my nipples (my shirt get realy heavy and chafe a lot when I run in the rain), and go out and have fun. 


    Regarding Gortex running gear; don't waste your money. I've had two Gortex running suits over the years and while *most* of the the rain stays outside the suit, *most* of your sweat stays inside and you end up being just as wet as if you'd just run in your tee-shirt.  As for ruining shoes, nah, not gonna happen, they may not look as pretty after your run (especially with all of the road grime you'll encounter this time of year or the trail mud which is lurking off road), but the water and dirt won't hurt the shoes.  Ditto the prospect of getting injured; just keep your pace slow until you're fully warmed up and you'll be no worse for the wear when you finish.

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