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Crazy1004 Legend 1,032 posts since
Jan 29, 2006
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Dec 25, 2007 6:14 PM

before I go


I would just like to say that 90% of you guys are idiots.  Here are some reasons



1.  Buying zipp 808 isn't going to make you faster if you can't avg. 22 mph for 10 freaking miles. 



2.  If you don't ride 5000 miles per year don't spend 5000 dollars on a a bike. 



3.  PR's are stupid.  Racing agaisnt yourself is stupid.  You're suppose to want to beat people not finish holding hands. 



4.  Unless you know how to use one don't get a 1500 dollar power meter. 



5.  If you are ever in a paceline don't get on the freeking areo bars.  keep your hands on the brakes



6.  Don't get in a pace line if you can't ride a strait line.  There is a reason that rodies don't like tri people.  it cause they get in a line and they swerve all of the place.  Just don't do it. 



7.  triatheletes are impressive because they are good at run swim and bike in a row.  that doesn't mean that you are good at running and biking and swim



7.b.  even if you have the fast bike split you doesn't mean you are biking. 



8.  Buying stuff doesn't make you faster, training makes you faster. 



9.  Don't bother shaving your legs,  It doesn't make you noticiably faster on the bike (and you all wear wetsuits anyway right. ) and makes you look like a poseur. 



9.a The reason we shave is because of road rash, massage and mucleus definition.  None of which need concern tri people.  Though with tri sketchy handling they probably go down enough anyway. 



10.  Roadies are snobs,  just accept that.  If you can't hang then you shouldn't have been there to begin with.



10a roadies are always right.



10b roadies have untimate style sence.  you might laugh at the lurid colors spandex, but that is saying, "look at that looser with a bullet proofvest" when you are in iraq. 



10c  tri people are wanna be roadies who have fail misserably.  They can't hang so they go somewhere where they can race themselves. 



I am not actualy going to read the responces to this thread so you can go and ***** about roadies as much as you guys want.  But everything I said here is the truth. 



I am glad that you have found a way to be happy and stay fit.  But to me it is like watching peewee baseball were everyone is a winner. 



That is not to say that I don't wish you luck, I hope that you have the best tri year of your life.  I wish you and your families luck and good health. 



  • Active Fred Rookie 11 posts since
    Dec 22, 2007
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    1. Dec 25, 2007 6:38 PM (in response to Crazy1004)
    Re: before I go

    Jit-Bag:  Best wishes for a safe and productive year on the roads, "Mark" with your "pro" team you have been telling us about.  Make sure to get my order right at the drive thru.

  • pcsronbo006 Legend 1,323 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    2. Dec 25, 2007 6:40 PM (in response to Crazy1004)
    Re: before I go

    i wish i knew everything.


    dang that would save time.


    too bad you won't read this, you've had some useful insights.


    Too bad we held hands and sung kum-by-yah one too many times. Aint gonna change.

  • mbannon Rookie 1,542 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    3. Dec 25, 2007 6:57 PM (in response to Crazy1004)
    Re: before I go


    The only reason I'm replying is because I think you will come back to check the responses, so here's mine:






    Whatever, dude.



  • jkaiser20 Rookie 73 posts since
    Sep 26, 2007
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    4. Dec 26, 2007 12:21 AM (in response to Crazy1004)
    Re: before I go

    These outbursts by folks like crazyhead and nmironman, followed by bouts of sensibility and lucidity really remind me of something. Hmm what is it...oh yeah, my experience with some football players who were on steroids. Had some troubles in a summer passing league while I was in HS. We used to scrimmage the local community college, and a couple linebacker types were well known to be juiced. Very moody, with serious bouts of rage. Seems oddly similar to these sudden outbursts these guys have.


    I don't know.



  • ussoccer Rookie 1,412 posts since
    Dec 11, 2007
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    5. Dec 26, 2007 5:23 AM (in response to Crazy1004)
    Re: before I go


    Crazy will be back to read this...


    Dude, your post really makes me sad. Maybe it's because you've exhibited these finger pointing pompus ways before. Maybe it's because you have a wealth of knowledge I -- and maybe even others here -- seek as advice for our own pleasures. Maybe it's because we gave you another chance, thinking you were somehow just ignorantly stuck in your youth. Maybe because it was me who went out of my way to tell you not to go, to please just explain what you mean with a little more detail, and, now like a father who realizes his son is incureable, I am now saddened by this most selfish outburst. I am hopeful it is just your youth, or maybe it's that you have been blessed with a gift of natural ability coupled with harder working ways to get yourself to some elite athletic level, but the one thing I keep trying to promote, something you just don't seem to understand, is that it's not about what you have accomplished, who you are are what your title is, your legacy is sculpted by how you handle yourself as a man. Maybe you still need a few years to grow. I thought that the first time. I won't fall into that trap again.


    Good luck to you. But please don't come back if you insist on bringing back your ways. There is no room in life for behavoirs like that. And when the day comes when you must change, there will be a half open door. Human kind can forgive, but we do not forget.



  • tithers Rookie 1,259 posts since
    Nov 26, 2007
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    6. Dec 26, 2007 5:28 AM (in response to ussoccer)
    Re: before I go


    Thor....he's trying to make you mad.



    Good thing I don't have enough ca$h to be a "poseur."



    Does that mean that you like me? I sure hope so:x






    Let me know if you'll be riding the Tour de Georgia...I'll be sure to paint up a road for you.



  • Active Ingredient Rookie 9 posts since
    Dec 23, 2007
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    7. Dec 26, 2007 5:50 AM (in response to Crazy1004)
    Re: before I go


    Not to stickle for actual facts, but I have not seen any evidence that this guy has any results, a real name associated with any USAC or NCAA palmares or any indication of his great cycling prowess other than his self-professed professional abilities.  His posts read to me like the typical novice bike racer who suddenly has grown more competent in a difficult but obscure sport and is now in a position to make fun of other people who have a saddle bag that's a little too big or the wrong brand of toe covers.



    A true champion will be confident and comfortable enough with his or her abilities to say "what can I give to you so you become better" rather than "how can I diminish you for your attempts". 



    I'm sure I post my share of misinformation.  I have to state that I have not seen any posts by this guy that were really helpful or worthwhile, in general they were insulting, demeaning and suggestive of a mind that reads and listens very little and talks a lot.  Sadly, bike racing attracts this sort of personality, much like flies to crap, but in the end there are many excellent people in the sport.



  • cshecmia Rookie 2 posts since
    Nov 13, 2007
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    8. Dec 26, 2007 6:31 AM (in response to Crazy1004)
    Re: before I go


    Buh-Bye.  Don't let the door hit you on the way out.






  • ericd256 Legend 442 posts since
    Nov 30, 2007
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    9. Dec 26, 2007 7:31 AM (in response to Crazy1004)
    Re: before I go

    Dude you are already getting on santa's  naughty list for next year.

  • Bugmenot1 Rookie 12 posts since
    Dec 17, 2007
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    10. Dec 26, 2007 6:58 PM (in response to Crazy1004)
    Re: before I go


    Lolz man it's sad to see you go since you actually knew what you were talking about. I've pretty much given this place up and I'm more chilling on dyestat, maybe our paths will cross in the future.



    And everyone else posting is just jealous..



  • crossed_out Rookie 3 posts since
    Dec 24, 2007
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    11. Dec 26, 2007 8:05 PM (in response to Crazy1004)
    Re: before I go


    7. triatheletes are impressive because they are good at run swim and bike in a row. that doesn't mean that you are good at running and biking and swim






    thats why its called a triathlon idiot, not a splitathlon



  • Bugmenot1 Rookie 12 posts since
    Dec 17, 2007
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    12. Dec 26, 2007 9:47 PM (in response to crossed_out)
    Re: before I go

    lol.. I believe what he's trying to say is that the people who run triathlons may be good at all three as a whole, but wouldn't be at a very high level at each level individually, hence why they decide to do a triathlon.. 

  • Cashmason Pro 449 posts since
    Oct 29, 2007
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    13. Dec 26, 2007 10:03 PM (in response to Crazy1004)
    Re: before I go

    I do triathlon because I get to see lots of super fit women in wet spandex.


    You don't see that at bike only races.

  • Bugmenot1 Rookie 12 posts since
    Dec 17, 2007
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    14. Dec 26, 2007 11:03 PM (in response to Cashmason)
    Re: before I go

    I'm sure 

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