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Paleo Diet Controversies Addressed

Los Angeles, CA – 1/20/2014

A new year brings newresolutions and goals, many revolving around diet, exercise, and generalwellbeing.  Many are changing their dietsthis year to one referred to as the Paleo Diet. The concept is simple: elimination of refined sugars, processed foods,and wheat products in exchange for lean meats, vegetables, and only the foodsour ancestors would have had available to them. The diet is reported to be a “back to basics” approach to healthyliving, but there are controversies and differences of opinions on the diet’seffectiveness and practicality.


Many critics say thatsince evolution didn’t stop in the Paleolithic period, we shouldn’t keep ourdiets in the same time period.  Whileit’s true that there have been advances in dietary medicine and food production,with these advances there have also been developments in disease.  Studies show that modern day hunter gatherercultures have healthier bodies and are more physically fit than we are.  While this can be attributed to the amount ofphysical activity they receive, it’s worth noting that when modern dietarypractices were introduced these cultures began to develop chronic, inflammatorydiseases that plague our current populace.


Many will also sitethat there is no scientific evidence to support a Paleo lifestyle, informationgleamed in the studies above along with biochemical evidence regardingnutrients supports the consumption of lean meats, whole grains, vegetables andfruits in their raw form versus the processed versions we often consume.  The reason for this is the nutrient densityfound in the diet.  If the body does notreceive optimal intake of all 40 required nutrients for daily function, orphysicality suffers and it can lead to disease and shortened lifespan. 


Other critics say thediet is hard to adapt to modern lifestyles. While this may be true, with enough effort and conscious shoppingpractices engaging in the Paleo diet is often as simple as making sure the foodone buys is whole and unprocessed, and staying away from foods that areunhealthy on any diet plan.  There arenumerous books, articles, and trainers who can assist with getting started in aPaleo lifestyle, and if this is something of interest those who are looking toimprove their health should research into how this diet can assist in thosechanges.


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