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Alternative Exercises for Runners

Los Angeles, CA – 1/29/2014

Those who love running love to run and often add little else into theirweekly workout routines.  In order tostay healthy and to advance both pace and endurance on runs, there are a fewalternative workouts that can keep runners happy and active during off days orinclement weather patterns.

The first and most obvious is to trade an outdoor run for an indoor runon a treadmill.  While this may seemboring as it lacks the element of outdoor freedom, it can be easier on theknees and ankles than solid concrete.  Inextremely cold or extremely hot temperatures, indoor running on a treadmill canalso give the body a workout but keep it from being exposed to such extremes intemperatures. 

Other cardio machines that can offer an alternative to a run include therowing machine, the elliptical, and even a stationary bike.  Both the elliptical and bikes offer intervaltraining options, and the rowing machine is an excellent all over body workoutthat can increase muscle tone and strength without impact on the joints.

Other options for cardio workouts to build endurance include trying outa group fitness class for a change in workouts. Pilates, yoga, and tai-chi all offer benefits for runners includingimproved balance, controlled breathing techniques, and increased flexibility inareas that can become tight during training. Dynamic stretches such as knee and heel lifts can be beneficial to addin to a pre-run warm-up, and lifting weights or doing strength buildingexercises can improve speed and endurance during daily jogs.

It’s also important to get adequate rest in-between training days.  Foam rolling the muscles to massage out knotsis an excellent day off activity, as is a day of stretching or time spent in ayoga class.  By the next day, the bodywill be ready to get back on the trails and into the routine.  Taking time off and alternating a workoutschedule is a good way to stay healthy and keep the workouts refreshing andengaging whether training for a short 5K or a full marathon. 

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