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Burn Calories Quickly with these High Intensity Workouts

Los Angeles, CA – 1/29/2014

For many planning their workouts time is of theessence.  Between full-time jobs andfull-time family obligations, fitness often gets pushed to the back of thepriority line.  But for those looking toincrease activity and burn loads of calories in a short amount of time, theyneed look no further than these major ways to burn calories in the quickestamount of time.

If a person has just a few moments and some space,plyometric movements can blast out calories in as little as ten minutes, andwork the body enough to build strong muscles in the core, legs and back.  The key to these explosive exercises – whichoften include box jumps, jumping jacks, and explosive jumping lunges – is tokeep the moves quick and land softly to engage all the muscle groups and keepthe joints safe.

Another form of exercise similar to plyometric is Tabatatraining, a form of high intensity interval exercise movements.  It’s four minutes of high intensitymovements, working at maximum ability for 20 seconds and then taking 10 secondsof rest.  Two or three rounds of thisroutine, which could include sprints or jumps, will get the heart pumping andcalories burning faster than one can count them.

If time in the gym is limited check out a Kettlebell class.The multiplanar movements of swinging and lifting these weights can burn up to400 calories in as little as twenty minutes. The reason for this is how much the body is moving and the fact that allthe muscles are engaged to both lift the weight and balance the body.

Even if a workout is short, the body will still show resultsover a period of time as long as a sweat is broken during these shorter, highintensity routines.  A recent studyshowed just 20 minutes of exercise can alter DNA in the muscle and improvemetabolism, which can help burn more calories overall – even while the body issedentary.  These programs will allow anyperson, no matter their time restraints, to find time for exercise in theirdaily lives. 

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