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Yoga Shown to Reduce Inflammation in Breast Cancer Survivors

Los Angeles, CA – 1/30/2014

Breast cancer survivors have a new reason tohit the gym and find peace and calm through yoga.  A recent study conducted by the Ohio State UniversityComprehensive Cancer Center has discovered a link between a yoga practice anddecreased rates of inflammation in breast cancer survivors.

The study looked at a group of women dividedinto two groups, those who engaged in formal yoga practice for three months andthose who remained sedentary.  Threemonths after the yoga sessions had ended those in the practicing group reportedfeeling less fatigue than they had been, and fatigue levels were 57 percentlower when compared to the women in the non-yoga group.

Lead author of the study JaniceKiecolt-Glaser said “This showed that modest yoga practice over a period ofseveral months could have substantial benefits for breast cancersurvivors.  We also think the resultscould easily generalize to other groups of people who have issues with fatigueand inflammation.”

Yoga has long been held as a relaxingpractice that calms both the mind and body, and practitioners of the poses raveabout the benefits for persons of all fitness levels.  Reductions in inflammation across the bodycan lead to decreased rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis andeven Alzheimer’s disease.  In addition tothis, those who are suffering from functional decline that accompanies advancedaging can benefit as well from the poses and calming atmosphere created in ayoga class.

Authors also speculated that with reducedinflammation and pain levels, some would be more likely to seek out other formsof exercise in addition to a yoga practice with their new found energy.  This proves that any form of exercise isbeneficial and can lead to healthier lifestyle practices all around, despiteany health conditions or inhibiting factors one may face. 

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