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Adding Flavor to Food without Adding Calories

Los Angeles, CA – 2/11/2014

Adapting a healthy, low-fat diet can often leave a personcraving flavor to increase satisfaction with meals.  Fortunately, there are numerous ways to addflavor and spice to a dish without increasing its caloric by drastic amounts.

One of the most popular additives for extra flavor inpoultry or even on salads is the addition or usage of lemon juice.  Lemon juice can be used as an acid in makingflavorful marinades that tenderize poultry and add flavor, and can be addedinto salad dressings for a sweet yet sour kick.

Sticking with the juice trend, orange juice is anotherrefreshing additive that can add a boost of taste without an extreme additionof calories.  A simple tablespoon or twois all it takes to make a salad dressing, and with the addition of the juice itwill add protective vitamin C to keep seasonal illnesses at bay.

Numerous herbs and plants can be added to dressings orsprinkled atop meats or veggies for a kick of flavor.  A teaspoon of curry is all that’s needed toadd an Indian flavor to roasted vegetables or rice, and oregano can be rubbedor sprinkled over red meat or poultry for an extra boost of flavor on the grillor in the oven.  Fresh herbs also addzero calories to the dish while taking the flavor to new heights.

Vegetable broth can replace oil used in cooking certaintypes of vegetable dishes, and it will boost the natural flavor found in thevegetables without adding extra calories of fat.  Vegetable broth can even be added to mashedpotatoes or cauliflower dishes for extra flavor, just be sure to use thelow-sodium varieties to protect the heart.

Finally, for a touch of sweetness cocoa powder can besprinkled over small side dishes or snacks. Chocolate flavored nuts can be created by sprinkling cocoa over almonds,peanuts or hazelnuts, and it can also be added to smoothies, yogurt, and oatmealfor an indulgent taste without a massive addition of calories.

The best way to find out what satisfies individual tastebuds is to experiment with different combinations and find out what flavors onelikes best and what to include in their next meal.





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