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Loving the Heart

Los Angeles, CA – 2/12/2014

February shouldn’t only be remembered for that one holiday filled withred hearts – it’s also American Heart Month which is a perfect time to reviewthings that we can do every day to maintain and improve overall heart health.

Exercise is often the most talked about way to improve heart health as itsbenefits extend beyond the heart to the whole body, but it still merits mentionhow important it is to be physically active for increased benefits to theheart.  150 minutes each week ofmoderate-intensity exercise is the recommendation, but this can be started offslowly if one is currently a couch potato. Finding interests, seeking out social exercise, and prioritizingactivity are ways to help get started on a program that will provide lifelonghealth benefits.

In addition to exercise, one of the most important things a person cando for their heart and their whole body is maintaining a healthy diet.  Keeping portions in control will help manageweight which aids in benefiting the heart, and making sure a diet is rich infiber and other nutrients and low in fat are also beneficial.

Keep in mind that not all fats are created equally.  Trans fats found in processed foods should beconsumed minimally if at all, but a diet should include healthy mono- orpolyunsaturated fats.  These can be foundin olive, sunflower, and canola oils or in avocados, nuts and seeds. 

Reducing consumption of processed foods will also help reduce sodiumintake, which is also important for maintaining a healthy heart.  Diets high in sodium can lead to an increasein blood pressure, which can put added strain on the heart. 

Keeping regularly scheduled physicals is also important to monitor howthe heart is doing, and what a person can do to improve their hearthealth.  This month, love one of the mostimportant organs in the body by starting something new that will benefit theheart and overall health. 

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