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Mar 8, 2014 3:47 PM

I need a Dr. in Fort Myers/Naples FL area for torn/frayed acetabular labrum

Hi, I will be seeing my Dr. in a couple of days to discuss my MRI.  I have had years of pain in both hips that is getting less tolerable and I want it fixed.  My Dr. gave me a shot for bursitis that didn't work (my MRI says no bursitis).  The Dr. acknowledged I have snapping hip syndrome.  He seems lost as to why I have pain in the back lower part of my buttocks and deep inside the buttock/hip area.   I don't get any pain in the front of my groin even tho that is common and he seems to think I should be getting pain there.  I fail all of his movement tests as the ones he's given me have not caused the pain to come on.  The area he pushed on for "bursitis" was extremely painful (but MRI again says no bursitis). 


I get deep aching, sharp stabbing pains but those are just to the upper right of the hip, lower buttock and deep just to the right of the central buttock.  I feel it is worse with the weather but Dr. said no arthritis shown on the xray and your hips are in great shape.  I have days I have very painful time walking, getting in and out of the car, and most nights the pain wakes me up even tho I take a muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory.  He actually said, "there are some things we have to live with".  This was prior to the MRI and I don't know what he will say now.  I think he only ordered the MRI to shut me up.  He did not order an MRA which would be the gold standard to find abnormalities. 


However, here is basically what turned up on the MRI:

Fraying of the superior labrum, interstitial microtearing of the gluteous minimus, peritendonitis, tendonopathy.  I know the Dr. I'm going to is a good Dr. but his specialty is hip replacement and I'm not a candidate so I feel he wants to push me aside.  I really need a Dr. who will work through this with me and get rid of this pain which is downright excruciating at times. 


Maybe I'm jumping the gun but I'm looking for back up because I suspect my Dr. is not interested in helping me.

I believe my pain is degenerative but also from repetive movement (gym elliptical) and years of heavy lifting of weights ie: 4 45 lb weight plates plus 1 35 plate on each side of a leg press for multiple reps amongst other things (I'm female and that is a good amount of weight). 


I really need a Dr. who will fix this and not just send me to physical therapy or tell me to live with it.  If you know of one please send me his name.  Thank you

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