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The Health Benefits of Fat

Los Angeles, CA – 3/11/2014

Whenlosing weight or changing dietary habits, one of the first things often cutfrom a diet is fat.  Rightly so, asexcess fat in a diet can lead to excess weight gain and other issues, but not adiet lacking in the right fats can actually leave a person craving more sweetsand other unhealthy items.  For thisreason, it’s important to ensure that there are good fats in a daily diet, andfind healthy resources for them.


Avocadosare notoriously high in fat, but this fat is good for the body and not onlyprovides support for various systems but can leave a person feeling satiatedand fuller, leading to less overall calorie intake throughout the day.  A recent study published in the NutritionJournal examined 26 moderately obese and healthy overweight individuals fromages 26-65.  Participants who includedavocados in their lunch time meal showed a 23 percent increase in fullness andsatisfaction that led to reduced calorie consumption later in the day. 


Egg yolksare also known for being high in fat, but this type of fat is accompanied bynutrients important for brain and muscle development.  Eggs are also high in protein and aninexpensive source of several nutrients. Whole eggs are also a good source of choline which helps regulate thenervous and cardiovascular systems.  Whilethere may be buzz about the cholesterol and fat inside these little ovals,moderate egg consumption has been linked to improved heart health. 


Anothergood source of fat that also provides the body with protein and energy arenuts.  Almonds, walnuts and pistachiosare the healthiest, containing omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and certaincarotenoids that improve eye health.  Nuteaters are also shown to be thinner, and less likely to develop type 2 diabetesthan those who eliminate these from their diet.


Moderationis important for everything, including fat. But making sure that healthy fats are included in a diet can lead tobigger weight loss results, improved health, and more satiety atmealtimes. 



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