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Sleep Stages and Their Importance to the Body

Los Angeles, CA – 3/11/2014

Thosepressed for time will often spend moments pondering all the things they couldaccomplish if they didn’t have to sleep. But what most people don’t realize is that sleeping is accomplishingnumerous things that are beneficial for both mind and body – and we don’t evenhave to be consciously involved to get the benefit. 


Sleephappens in four different stages.  Stageone is the space between wakefulness and slumber.  It’s very easy to be awakened from this stage;sometimes a twitch or involuntarily muscle movement (hypnagogic jerk) can wakeboth mind and body.  If a person is wokenup during stage one sleep, they may feel as if they haven’t slept at all andcan feel sluggish and irritable the remainder of the day.


Stage twosleep, referred to by psychiatrists as “average sleep,” is where we spendapproximately half the night.  Bodytemperature drops and muscles relax, which trigger hormones in the body torelease and repair tissue and regenerate tissue in joints and ligaments.  Blood pressure and heart rate are alsoregulated during this stage, which is why this stage is important forcardiovascular health.


Recoveryhappens in stage three, the deepest part of sleep.  Blood pressure drops even deeper and bloodflow slows to further repair muscle tissue. This is also the time when the human growth hormone is secreted whichcan help increase muscle mass and provide a lift in energy upon waking. 


The finalstage of sleep is known as REM sleep. This is where vivid, imaginative dreams occur and also helps our brainprocess what has happened throughout the day.


There areother stages of sleep that aren’t identified, but a full night’s sleep islinked with regulation of appetite hormones, formation of pathways in the brainthat improve memory capacity, and the systems that rid our body of waste aremore active during sleep than they are when we are awake.  Because of this, make sure that sleep isworked into any health routine for full benefits of the workouts and nutritionalchanges we make in our waking hours.   





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