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Health Topics to Discuss with a Physician

Los Angeles, CA – 3/12/2014

Monitoringhealth is a day-in and day-out task, and often times it’s easy to ignorecertain symptoms or neglect to mention them during annual physicals.  While minor aches and pains can gounmentioned, there are several things which should raise flags and prompt averbal mention to a physician during exam time.


Chronicinsomnia not only leaves a person feeling exhausted and irritable, it can be asymptom of underlying issues.  Bloodpressure regulates during rest, and if a person is suffering from insomnia thiscan add additional stress to inflamed blood vessels.  Doctors have numerous suggestions on how toget more rest, but make sure to mention this symptom during a visit in order toreceive advice on making sleep a priority.


Much likechronic lack of sleep, chronic stress can wreak havoc on the whole body aswell.  Researchers have noted that thosewho experience greater stress in their daily lives are more likely to developdementia or other mental illnesses later on. This could be because of inflammatory responses that happen in the brainwhen we are under stress.  Talking to yourdoctor can alleviate some of that pressure and can open a dialogue on how toresolve or reduce stress in a person’s life.


Morecommon in winter months, a deficiency in vitamin D can increase the risk ofrespiratory infections and weaken the immune system.  If a person is feeling low during the wintermonths, this could also be from lack of the “sunshine” vitamin.  Talk to a physician about supplementing thisessential nutrient in a diet.


Whilesometimes medical intervention is needed in order to resolve health issues,most doctors will constantly recommend the same treatment option to all of theabove complaints: exercise.  Physicalactivity promotes sleep and can help the body rest better, it reduces stresslevels, and exercising outdoors exposes us to more sources of vitamin D aswell.  Before beginning any exerciseregimen, discuss options with a physician, but one can never go wrong with alittle extra activity as part of a treatment plan. 



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