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Too Much Cardio Throws the Workout Scale Off Balance

Los Angeles, CA – 3/12/2014

Morecardio equals more calories burned, correct? While this statement is true, if a person is doing only cardio sessionsfor exercise they could be losing muscle mass in addition to fat. 


Cardiovascularactivity is an essential component of a good fitness program.  We can get this type of activity fromwalking, running, fitness classes, cycling, or even outdoor yard work.  But too much of a good thing is neverbeneficial, and overtime indulgence in cardio only reduces muscle tissue atrapid rates.


If tryingto build up muscles, too much cardio during the week coupled with not enoughcalorie intake can rapidly decrease type II muscle tissue.  This is the muscle tissue that grows when welift weights, but incorporating a cardio only workout actually reduces thegrowth of these tissues, and can reduce the growth of muscle tissue in theheart.


One ofthe main purposes of cardio is to burn excess calories, whether their beingstored in fat or consumed on a daily basis. If we burn more than we take in, we lose weight, but if we burn waybeyond what we take in the body begins to look for other sources ofenergy.  This can be fat, but if fat issparse it turns to muscle.


Anotherreason to incorporate more than just fat burning cardio activity into a workoutis the amount of calories burned by resting muscle.  Yes, cardio burns loads of calories in ashort amount of time, but lean muscle mass burns a lot of calories when it isactive and at rest and it also takes up less space. 


A goodprogram for weight loss should focus on building lean muscle to achieve a tonedappearance and improve all over strength for daily function, aerobic activityto burn excess fat and improve the cardiovascular system, and flexibilitytraining to keep muscles long and supple. When reviewing a workout program, make sure that the scale is balancedbetween all three and ensure that the body gets plenty of rest in between bothcardio and weight training sessions. 


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