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Getting the Most from a TRX Workout

Los Angeles, CA – 3/13/2014

Born from a Navy SEAL trainingprogram, total-body resistance exercise (TRX) is a fitness program that relieson using two hanging straps to improve and check balance, strength, andstability in the body.  This exerciseprogram is becoming increasingly popular in clubs across the country, and inorder to get the most out of this style of work out it’s important to know thebasics and how to stay safe while improving strength and physical function.


Starting out on the straps can feelintimidating, but as long as the body remains in proper position we canmaintain form and work strength rather than overstretching and injuring thebody.  To make sure the body is in theproper place, begin at the end of the range of motion to determine how muchtension is needed on the straps.  Thiswill ensure that there is tension on the muscles through the entire movementand increase strength across the whole body.


Along with beginning in proper form,we need to maintain this form throughout the entire exercise.  As the body becomes fatigued, it’s easier tosag rather than hold the body stiff and in position.  To prevent this, be mindful and aware of theposition of a body.  In a plank, forexample, keep the abs braced and shoulders away from the ears to even outpressure and work more muscle groups. This will help the body get more out of the exercise.


Proper form is essential during anintense workout like TRX, but fully completing the workout and making sure themoves are productive is key to getting the results one wishes from theworkout.  When moving through theexercises, be sure there is tension on the straps and not slack, even if itmeans making the movement a tiny bit bigger.  This will keep the body in form and preventinjury while fully engaging each muscle group.


Each fitness program we engage in isdesigned to challenge the body, and by keeping proper form, alignment, andmindfulness of body position we can achieve more in a shorter amount of time,and prevent injuries that could sideline our progress.


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