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Pre-Workout Meal Ideas

Los Angeles, CA – 3/14/2014

One ofthe most important components of a workout is the before and after meal.  Without nutritional support, the body cannotfunction at peak performance capacity and we won’t get the maximum fitnessresults we’re looking for.  When thinkingabout fueling up before a workout, there are several things to keep in mindnutritionally that will form the basics of a good pre-workout meal plan.


Apre-workout meal or snack should include lean protein, a little heart healthyfat, and low-glycemic carbohydrates. These will supply a steady stream of energy to keep the body fueledduring the workout, and actually help the body burn more fat in the long run.  Grains that should be consumed includeoatmeal, whole grain bread, sweet potatoes and brown rice; these provide plentyof energy for a workout of any type.

Consumingprotein during a pre-workout meal will help build muscle and keep the bodyfeeling fuller longer so we don’t become hungry in the midst of our run or themiddle of a class.  By adding a hearthealthy fat, we’re also getting some flavor in the meal without weighing itdown which could lead to a sleepy, too-full sensation.


Some goodpre-workout meals to consider include oatmeal, steel cut or regular, made with1 cup of low-fat milk and a scoop of chocolate protein powder.  This will give the carbohydrates a proteinbalance, and if one adds a banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon it will give theoats some savory flavor while fueling the body.


Anotheroption for pre-workout meals include smoothies, shakes, or wraps.  A whole-grain tortilla smothered with alittle bit of nut butter, some chocolate, and topped with strawberries is sureto pick up the mind and give the body some energy.  Or try a green tea smoothie by mixing almondor rice milk with water, protein powder, and a scoop of green tea powder for anenergizing and heart healthy pick-up.


Rememberthat foods should be consumed 60-90 minutes prior to activity, but if in a rush,the shake is a good option for a pre-workout snack 30 minutes before aworkout. 



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