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Weight Training for Beginners

There’s no arguing that weighttraining is an important part of fitness and assists with body-fat lossoverall, or that weight training improves bone-density, posture, and a varietyof other benefits.  But given thisinformation, many are still hesitant to try it, or fretful as they don’t knowall the proper movements, terms, or forms that will help keep them safe andachieve maximum results.  This shouldn’thold one back from trying, or seeking out help to add weight training exercisesto their fitness routine – and here are some tips about what to expect and lookfor as a beginner.


When first stepping into the gym andpicking up weights, choose weights that are relatively easy to lift toestablish a baseline of where a person’s strength is and how much they canhandle.  Even a beginner should be ableto perform 10-15 repetitions with a light weight and remains table andcomfortable.  If at the end of the firstset, they feel like they could do more or are not feeling the slightest bit ofmuscle fatigue, weight should be increased for the second and third sets.  One should be able to “feel the burn” in themuscle on the last few repetitions of each set.


Make sure when working through theweights to target each muscle group – and remember there are more than wetypically think.  Triceps and Biceps yes,but remember chest, back, abdominals and glutes are part of the core, the legincludes hamstrings, quads, and calves, and there are different ways to targetthe chest and shoulders.  Alternate moveson different days to ensure the whole body is worked.


When beginning, start with two daysper week and gradually increase to three days. If struggling with which exercises to do for a routine, ask a regulargym goer or a trainer.  People with apassion for health do not judge what fitness level a person is at, and beingsocial will not only keep you in proper form for safety, it will increase overallhappiness from social interaction.


Above all, don’t be afraid ofappearances and remember to explore new equipment.  The other people in the room are focusing onthemselves; they barely notice what is going on around them.  Everyone was a beginner at one time, and weall have to start somewhere…and there’s no time like the present to beginworking on improving health through strength training. 


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