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Lingo for Indoor Cycling Beginners

Los Angeles, CA – 3/24/2014

Cycling is one of the easiest workouts to get into.  There is little in way of equipment, clothingis easy to find and comfortable, and the movements are low-impact and easy tofollow.  However, there is a bit of alearning curve when it comes to the lingo often used by avid cyclists.  Knowing this lingo can help a person findtheir way comfortably into this workout and help them get the most out of thetime they spend in the cycling studio.

Position is a term often spoken at the beginning of a cycling class, andthis refers to where the hands are placed on the handlebars.  Most studio cycling bikes have threevariations of hand positions: first position is at the base of the handlebarsparallel to the hips, second is on the outside of the handles, and third is onthe top two points at the end of the handlebars.  This helps a person get set up on the bike,and know where to place the hands during different phases of the workout tohelp balance and work different muscle groups.

Resistance is another term heard in group cycling classes, and refers tohow hard the legs have to work to push the pedals.  Low resistance will resemble an easy downhillride, and higher resistance will feel as though the bike is being pushed up asteep hill.  Higher resistance is wherethe work comes in for the class, and low resistance is used for recovery andwarm up tracks.  Resistance is controlledby a brake on the cycle, often located underneath the handlebars.

The saddle refers to the seat of the bike, of which all riders will beon and off of during the class.  When theinstructor cues to be out of the saddle, this is where the heavy work in theclass will come in with high resistance. To help find a comfortable position in both the saddle and handlebarplacement, ask for assistance from the instructor at the beginning of class.

Finally, while many studios label the classes as indoor cycling,spinning is another common term that refers to the same type of exercises.  Knowing these key terms will help anybeginner get set up and started and riding to better health in no time. 


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