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Exercise Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer

Los Angeles, CA –

Researchers at the InternationalPrevention Research Institute in France recently revealed a new study showingthat women who practiced a sport or engaged in physical activity for at leastan hour per day reduced their risk of developing breast cancer by up to 12percent.

The research was a culmination ofinformation gathered from 37 separate studies published between 1987 and2013.  Over four million women werelooked at during the studies, and all were looking at the relationship betweenphysical activity and breast cancer. 

Though results varied by tumortype, the overall message was encouraging and should be used as a generalguideline in encouraging more activity for the entire female population. 

In addition to protecting frombreast cancer, other aggressive cancers have been staved off by continuing orengaging in regular physical activity. The best thing about this is that the results and mechanisms for thepreventative input of activity is unrelated to BMI level.  And it appears according to research that thebenefit exists as soon as exercise begins, regardless of age or fitness level.

As physicians and health expertsmove toward a model of preventative care when treating cancers, obesity, andother illnesses, the benefits of exercise keep appearing on their radars.  Physical activity is something that can bedone anywhere, at any time, and there are numerous programs available tosupport those wishing to become more active. It is a low cost, effective way to reduce the risk of diseases that canadd weight to the healthcare system and push medical costs higher as they occurin higher numbers. 

Researchers remind that itdoesn’t matter at what age the exercise begins, and that there is no specifictype of activity that is “better” than another. Whether a person begins walking daily, takes up cycling, begins tendingtheir garden more or explores dancing for fitness, engagement in physicalactivity can increase their resistance to breast and other types of aggressivecancers, as well as a whole host of other diseases. 

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