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Strength Training  Essential for Better Running Performance

Los Angeles, CA –

Avid runners set goals for themselves around theirperformance. Many aim for improved race times, longer distances covered, orincreased endurance during every day runs. But for training, there are a lot of misconceptions about what runnersshould and shouldn’t do to achieve these goals, and knowing the facts can makeall the difference when setting goals and realizing them.

While the focus of most training programs runners adapt willalways focus on distance and endurance, there are additional components trainersand runners need to consider.  Strengthtraining improves muscle coordination, and can help prevent injury whileenhancing performance.  Performance isenhanced by improved endurance in muscle fibers, and strength training improvesrunning economy which leads to more endurance and faster times overall. 

With strength training, many feel that runners should lifton their off days to balance out a workout, but research has shown it’s preferablefor performance to piggy back strength training with daily runs.  An example schedule could be to perform atempo run in the morning and then a 20-30 minute strength training workoutlater in the day.  This also allow forfull body recovery on the off days rather than continual training with no rest.

Since running can work all areas of the body, many believethe only area runners really need to focus on is the core.  But research has shown that working upper andlower body muscles combined with the muscles of the core increases overallrunning performances.  Rather thanassuming one area is inherently weak, it’s better to focus on developingstrength throughout the whole body.

Runners may think that quick movements during lifting willenhance speed, but it’s more important to lift the weights in a slow and controlledmanner.  Moving quickly incorporatesmomentum, which takes the pressure off the muscle fibers and can increase riskof injury.  To become fast, lift slowlyfor maximum muscle recruitment and increased overall strength.

For enhanced performance in any sport, overall fitness isrequired and strength training is an essential part of this goal. 


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