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May 20, 2014 8:59 AM

Running hashtag for the week #bestracecharacters

In hopes of promoting more health and fitness on Twitter, and to unite fitness enthusiast everywhere, I have stolen a page from a certain late night talk show host and started a weekly hash tag. 


This week's hash tag is #bestracecharacters


There are so many things one can look for during a race.  Funny signs.  Discrete areas to go off for a “nature call.”  The obligatory “unauthorized makeshift water stop” that may or may not be serving beer to runners.


Me? I love the characters.  I have shared the road with everyone from superheroes, to princesses, to even famous presidents. Then there are the jugglers, backward runners and the racers who run in gas masks (yes, gas masks.)


There is one idea I have had but never had the chance to put into fruition.  One year, two of my friends and I ran a Turkey Trot 5k together.  It was a simple out and back course with nice wide-open roads and plenty of spectators.  We came up with the idea to go back the next year and have:

-        one person dressed as an Indian complete with Tomahawk

-        one person dressed up as a Pilgrim complete with flintlock rifle, and

-        the third person would dress up as the Turkey.


The idea would be that the Indian and Pilgrim would run behind the Turkey for the first half of the race, as if hunting him.  Then, on the way back, the Turkey would have the Tomahawk and rifle, chasing the Pilgrim and Indian.  Alas, we still have not successfully coordinated this tribute to the spirit of Thanksgiving.  Someday though, someday.


As for characters that I have actually seen during a race, these are a few of my favorites:

#bestracecharacters Dunkin Donuts cup.  Love the idea of matching the DD slogan “America runs on Dunkin” w/ someone running in a big foam DD cup.


#bestracecharacters Runner pushing double stroller w/ kids.  You have to be a character to push even a single stroller over a hilly 5k.


#bestracecharacters The Flash! As a comic book geek, this one just makes me giggle every time.  Especially if I’m passing them.


Please feel free to head over to Twitter and add your favorite race day characters to #bestracecharacters. If you don't have Twitter just add your insight below.

Thank you for your time

Lance (a.k.a. OxenTrot)

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