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May 20, 2014 8:53 AM

Running hashtag for the week #bigrunningmistake

In hopes of promoting more health and fitness on Twitter, and to unite fitness enthusiast everywhere, I have stolen a page from a certain late night talk show host and started a weekly #runninghashtag.



Note: I meant to post this earlier this morning but I've been trying to register for the Army Ten Miler.  Let’s just say that registration is not going well. But, this sort of falls in line with this week’s hashtag.




There are many mistakes a new runner can make.  Let’s be honest, there are many mistakes a veteran runner can make.  This last training cycle, I must have forgotten to put on body glide at least half a dozen times before my long runs.  I usually realize it a few blocks away from the house and think “Heck, I should be fine...this time.  I’m not going to turn around now.  Next time, I won’t forget.”  I get done and smile b/c I think I escaped unscathed. Then I jump in the shower and scream like a banshee when the water hits my chaffed skin.  The bottom line is, mistakes happen, over and over again.  Sometimes you will learn your lesson, sometimes not, sometimes, after many years and many races, you forget why you don’t eat ice cream the night before your big race...then you get to relearn the lesson all over again.


Here are some of my insights to #bigrunningmistake

#bigrunningmistake - No Band-Aids on the long run.  For God's sake men, listen to me and tape down those nips. Please!

#bigrunningmistake - Trying new shoes during the big event.  Trying new socks during the big event. Trying anything new during the big event.


Please feel free to head over to Twitter and add your insight into any running mistakes you have learned. Just add #bigrunningmistake to your tweet. If you don't have Twitter just add your insight below.

Thank you for your time

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