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rugby1080 Pro 171 posts since
Jul 27, 2006
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Oct 24, 2007 12:52 PM

882 miles so far this year.  I will hit 1000 for 2007!

I started running in July 2006.  The first couple of months were on the treadmill.  When I sarted running outside runnning became an addiction rather than a chore. Anyway anyone who is just starting out be patient and you will become faster and you will run longer.  When I first started I could not run a quarter mile, now my long runs are out to 12 miles!  Also for those who are trying ro loose weight in my experience the pounds began to shed after I got up to 20 miles a week and began eating more healthy.  Not less food but more nuts, whole grains, vegtables, and very little fast food.  Who will reach their goals they set for 2007?


  • Long Run Nick Amateur 277 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    Good job. Keep at it. Neat idea to log your miles. I started mine waay back in April, 1976. As of this AMtotal miles run: 64,931 miles. I chartered a course around the Earth at the Equator. Ran around the world 2xClock-wise and counter-clock-wise. Clock wise was easier. Then I ran from the South Pole to the North Poleall UPHILL. I am now running from the North Pole to the South Poleall DOWNHILL!! Remember, there is no finish line.

    PS-- at age 64 I am running more miles per week than I did back in my late 30's and early 40's. Hey, it gets easier as you get older. Nick

  • fatozzig1 Amateur 484 posts since
    Aug 9, 2006

    Congratulations to both of you!  Rugby - My goal for 2007 and into 2008 is just to stay injury free for 3 months in a row!   !|src=|border=0!


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    It's a mad mission but I got the ambition.  It's a mad, mad mission, sign me up.
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  • Fatdude Rookie 93 posts since
    Dec 27, 2005

    I will hit one of my two goals for the year. 

    1. Lose twenty five pounds by January 2008

    I have lost ten pounds and lots of clothes sizes. I would love to shed the other weight but it is coming off slowly. I will not complain as long as it stays off this time.

    2. Build my mileage to 20-25 miles per week and maintain it.

    Thanks to the low heart rate thread I have built my mileage. I started from 8-10 a week. At the end of my run tomorrow morning I will have 18 fro this week. I am injury free, and having a great time. I actually ran six miles on Monday. Still blows my mind because it felt so effortless.

    I can tell a huge difference in my body since starting the LHR training.



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  • hopeful4ever Legend 995 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    My secret (shh) goal is also to hit 1,000 miles for the year.   If all goes according to plan, I will only have to get in 100 miles for Nov. and Dec. (give or take a couple of miles).   This secret (shh) goal will also help keep me motivated to get out there and run 25-30 mile weeks when the temps are cold.  I normally start slacking off this time of the year.

    Good Luck everyone!!


  • Better than yesterday Legend 767 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007

    Mary, your secret is safe here. You can trust us. 

    Hey does anyone know how I can link this thread over to the Boomers and Beyond?  (jk  )

    I think the only goal I'm going to meet is the one I set for bicycle commuting.  I rode so much more than I'd intended that I'm going to come up about 600 miles short of my running mileage goal of 1200 miles!  Gee - so Close!      I'd hoped to ride in about 25 times, with a pie-in-the-sky goal of 50 times, and wound up bike commuting 74 times!

    My perennial 5k race goal...well, I won't comment on that just yet, because I have one more race in November,and I guess anything is possible  .

    I had a goal to win a medal in the Discus Throw in our state's "Master's" games, but even though I sent in my $$, I never bothered to travel to the games in July. Too many other things going on in my life.  This thread triggered my memory to check out the performances on the internet.     I would have gotten a silver medal, no doubt about it.

    Rugby1, you're making great progress.

  • Knappster23 Rookie 55 posts since
    Apr 1, 2000

    Good going!

    Last year I set a personal-best with 910 miles and was determined to hit 1000 this year. I've had a great year, after my 5-miler today I'm at 1136! I hope to hit 1500 next year.

    I had hoped to lose 50 pounds this year as well, but I got halfway there and kind of plateaued for a while. Oh well, at least I've lost 25 and I'm getting back to work on the rest.

  • 1000 miles! YOW! Congratulations. You should be proud.

    I didn't set any goals for myself this year with fitness. My goals are daily ones. Just one more lap around the lake. Just one more mile. Before you know it, what you thought was an amazing accomplishment previously, is something you now do when you aren't feeling up to par.

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  • arlahile Rookie 144 posts since
    Sep 22, 2006

    Lots of congratulations are in order! And Nick, well, you're my hero and the Voice of Reason on the LIST. 

    Fatdude, I'm with you - LHR training saved me from the depths of injury and burnout. Now I run happy and have often experienced the runner's high that I thought was a myth.

    My goal this year was to run 20 - 25 mpw routinely, which I achieved albeit with a few weeks of interruption due to moving and life stuff. In 2006 I couldn't even fathom a 10 mi long run when I heard a friend talk about it like it was nothing - HOW could someone DO that??? It must be AWFUL!! Who'dathunkit, now I do a 12mi long run once a month and it's just another run...and now I believe the folks on this list who say that way higher weekly mileages are not a big deal (given you have the time). I hear the siren call of longer distances...I crawl toward them...

    Yep. For 2008 I'm gonna up the ante...and have fun...


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  • I'll add a few "mental goals" I've made.

    I want to enter a 5k race and finish under 30 minutes....

    I want to complete the OHR program and really be able to run 1 hour without any walking....

    I'm hoping my running lowers my cholesterol significantly and I can stay off any type of "medication"....

    I'll keep you posted as I reach them! !|src=|border=0!


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