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Dec 14, 2007
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Sep 6, 2007 10:54 AM

Running in the Dark - Need the Light!

I have been rehabbing a sprained ankle and am ready to get back to my early a.m. running.  However, it is staying dark later and later each day!  I have found headlamps, but am not sure I want to go that route.  Do people like headlamps?  Or, is there a light that can clip on your belt or shorts?  If so, where can I find?  Oh, and I have the world's smallest budget, so cheap but well-made would be a plus.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts?

  • HDH Amateur 332 posts since
    Aug 19, 2007
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    1. Sep 6, 2007 11:00 AM (in response to Kerry1976)
    Re: Running in the Dark - Need the Light!

    I got one at Eastern Mountain Sports that clips in my ear.  The beam can be moved to shine where you want.  Very lightweight and qutie affordable.

  • merigayle Amateur 1,569 posts since
    Aug 15, 2007
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    3. Sep 6, 2007 11:22 AM (in response to Kerry1976)
    Re: Running in the Dark - Need the Light!

    i know people in my running group wear their headlamps around their waists. I wear mine on my head. You can also get a very bright LED handheld and use that. I prefer the Tikka Petzl head lamps. Very bright, imo. Anything LED should be fine for you.

  • jansd Amateur 410 posts since
    Jun 8, 2003
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    5. Dec 27, 2007 4:45 AM (in response to Kerry1976)
    Re: Running in the Dark - Need the Light!

    I use a Princetontec Scout headlamp. It's the cheapest around (try Not the brightest, but bright enough. And it's the lightest one out there. The best thing about it is it's the only headlamp that you can take off the headband and clip onto ... the bill of your cap, a pocket, your waistband. I have looked and looked, but I haven't found any other light that has this kind of clip.

    By the way... I started wearing a headlamp after I returned to running after spraining my ankle really badly. I tripped in a pothole or something while running in the dark and found myself in a cast for a month. Now I never go running in the dark without my light.

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    6. Sep 7, 2007 12:52 PM (in response to Kerry1976)
    Re: Running in the Dark - Need the Light!

    I use those removable bike lights that I clip to my belt: white at the front and a red tail light at the back. I'm visible from where ever traffic is coming and they know which is my front end. And the light is strong enough to see if there's anything on the road that shouldn't be there.

    I usually encounter the same cars in the dark early AM. I have a feeling they are expecting me to be there, cause none of them drive very fast and really slooooow down when they pass me and my two dogs.

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